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Megha Tropiques Utilisation Project


  PI Organisation Title of the Project
1 C Balaji IIT, Madras Development of Geo-Physical Retrieval Schemes and Validation of Data for the Megha Tropiques Mission
2 K Rajendran CMMACS, Bangalore The impact of physical assimilation of vertical profiles of latent heating and moistening on short range numerical weather prediction
3 OP Sharma IIT, Delhi Aerosol induced clouds microphysical property changes in a Chemistry GCM and their evaluation with Megha Tropiques Data
4 GS Bhat IISc, Bangalore Spatio-Temporal variation of water vapour and cloud characteristics derived from microwave sensors
5 SN Tripathi IIT, Kanpur Modeling and parameterization of microphysical and optical properties of mixed-phase clouds over Indian subcontinent
6 Animesh Maitra Calcutta Univ. Studies on Tropical Rain and Atmospheric Water content using ground based measurements and satellite data related to Megha Tropiques Mission
7 DM Puranik Pune Univ. Preparing for Megha-Tropiques: Diurnal variation of convection and cloud evolution using AMSU-B and Infrared data
8 K Kishore Kumar SPL-VSSC, Trivandrum A comprehensive study on tropical mesoscale convective systems using Ground based radars and Megha Tropiques
9 Sanjay Sharma Kohima College Study of the tropical Mesoscale Convective Systems by passive microwave sensors of Megha Tropiques mission in association with the Doppler radars and fast response rain gauges
10 D Narayana Rao NARL, Gadanki Megha Tropiques validation program
11 K Rajeev SPL-VSSC, Trivandrum A quantitative assessment of the cloud and aerosol radiative forcing over the Indian subcontinent and the adjoining oceanic environments
12 M Mahakur IITM, Pune Evolution and Spatial Distribution of Deep Convective Systems over the Indian Region
13 C Venkata Srinivas IGCAR, Kalpakkam Assimilation of Megha Tropiques Satellite Data in Meteorological and Atmospheric Dispersion Models for Environmental Studies at South East coast of India
14 C Suresh Raju SPL-VSSC, Trivandrum Modeling of Land surface emissivity in the microwave regime for Megha Tropiques
15 S Sampath CESS, Trivandrum Rainfall validation & characterisation and cloud physics studies using Megha Tropiques data
16 KVS Badarinath NRSC, Hyderabad Aerosol radiative forcing estimation from combined MODIS, MISR, OCEANSAT-2 Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) and MT-SCARAB measurements
17 NVP Kiran Kumar SPL- VSSC, Trivandrum Studies related to precipitation by making use of existing ground based instruments and Megha-Tropiques
18 IML Das Uni. of Allahabad Rainfall estimation over ocean using MADRAS sensor of Megha-Tropiques and its validation
19 MR Ramesh Kumar NIO, Goa Diurnal cycle of precipitation over tropical Indian Ocean
19 MR Ramesh Kumar NIO, Goa Diurnal cycle of precipitation over tropical Indian Ocean
20 Mihir Kumar Dash IIT, Kharagpur Study of Variability in the Air-Sea Interaction over the Tropical Indian Ocean using the observations from Megha-Tropiques
20 Mihir Kumar Dash IIT, Kharagpur Study of Variability in the Air-Sea Interaction over the Tropical Indian Ocean using the observations from Megha-Tropiques
21 GV Rama SDSC, SHAR Participation in Validation and Utilisation of Megha-Tropiques data and Development of Algorithms for MADRAS
22 Kusuma Rao ISRO HQ, Bangalore On Mesoscale Convective Systems and Indian Monsoon Variability
23 V Sathyamoorthy SAC, Ahmedabad Effect of clouds on Radiation Budget over the Asian Monsoon Region using CERES and SCARAB data.
24 Randhir Singh SAC, Ahmedabad Assimilation of SAPHIR/Megha-Tropique Derived Moisture Profiles in Mesoscale Weather Prediction Model
25 Rashmi Sharma SAC, Ahmedabad Air-sea fluxes and circulation studies using Ocean General Circulation Model (OGCM)
26 Bimal Bhattacharya, Dr R P Singh SAC, Ahmedabad Retrieval of hydrological and radiation budget parameters using Megha Tropiques data for Land surface process studies
27 A K Sharma IMD, Delhi Analysis/Distribution of radiative fluxes and wind over Indian sub-continent and adjacent seas and their relationship with the regional climate.
28 A K Sharma IMD, Delhi Use of vertical humidity profile from Megha-Tropiques in NWP models of IMD.
29 V S Prasad NCMRWF, Noida Utilisation of Megha Tropique (MT) data at NCMRWF
30 Arindam Chakraborty IISc, Bangalore New Cloud Parameterisation scheme for GCM using MT
31 M Rajeevan NARL, Gadanki Earth Radiation Budget studies using MT SCARAB Data
32 M Sekhar IISc, Bangalore Validation of MT Rain rate Products and its applications in hydrology in Kabini river basin


  PI Organisation Country Title of the Project
1 Brett Candy Met Office UK An Investigation Into Humidity Profiles Arising From The Assimilation of SAPHIR Data Within The Met Office Global NWP System
2 Steven Sherwood Univ of New South Wales Australia Using MeghaTropiques data to test simulated extreme convection and convection-humidity interaction
3 Peter Bauer ECMWF Australia ECMWF 4D Var assimilation of MT MADRAS and SAPHIR radiancve observations
4 Mathias Milz Lulea Univ of Technology Sweden Validation of SAPHIR measurements with radiosondes, AMSU-B, and MHS and use of microwave satellite data to observe diurnal cycles in upper tropospheric humidity and cloud ice
5 Ziad Haddad NASA-JPL USA Instantaneous vertical profiling of precipitation using MADRAS and SAPHIR
6 Arthur Hou NASA Goddard USA Contributions of NASA Precipitation Science Research to the Megha-Tropiques Mission
7 Kenji Nakamura Nagoya Univ Japan Impact Experiment of Megha-Tropiques to the Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation (GSMaP) products
8 Byung-Ju Sohn Seoul National Univ Korea Synergistic use of MT and COMS to understand the role of tropical convection in the upper tropospheric moistening and associated radiation balance
9 David Doelling NASA Langley USA Comparisons of Scarab-3 and Ceres data and applications
10 Abdou Ali Agrhymet Niger Evaluation of MeghaTropiques rainfall products over West Africa and their exploitation in the framework of AGRHYMET food security assessment activities
11 Edward Kim NASA Goddard USA Intersatellite brightness temperature comparison and RFI surveying with the Madras and Saphir microwave radiometers on Megha-Tropiques
12 Lakshmi Kumar SRM University City Campus India Development of a technique (Training and Genetic algorithm methods) for improved estimation of CNES rainfall product from Megha Tropiques over India, validation of new rain products, and assessing the impact of Megha Tropiques measurements
13 Hareef Baba Shaeb ISRO-DOS, Nagpur India Retrieval of Solar insolation using SCARAB data: Validation and operational Applications
14 Flávio Ponzoni NISR – INPE Brazil In-flight absolute calibration of ScaRAB sensor data
15 Mark Ringer Met Office, Hadley Center UK Use of Megha-Tropiques data for climate model development and evaluation
16 Sante Laviola ISAC-CNR Italy Convective and stratiform warm rain investigation
17 V. Chandrasekar Colorado State University USA Collaborative research on Megha-Tropiques on radiometric retrievals and ground validation
18 Carlos Angelis INPE Brazil Megha Tropiques data and products validation over South America
19 Eric A. Smith CRCES USA Advancing Understanding of Monomodal and Multimodal Diurnal Variability of Precipitation at Tropical Latitudes by Combining Megha-Tropiques Datasets with TRMM and CloudSat Datasets
20 Arona Diedhiou IRD-LTHE France Variability and Efficiency of Precipitating Systems over Africa
21 R A Houze Univ. of Washington USA Monsoon studies using Megha-Tropiques